Ecstatic Dance DJ Musician Lover of Silence

Words can't fully describe the magic of music, or the essence of a human being. The sound of music is Sefrijn's main language.

For the past 7 years his musical focus has been Ecstatic Dance, catalysing this growing movement by playing at countless locations. DJ sets are always created in the moment, his music is carefully selected to offer diversity in genres, emotions and speed.

Sefrijn is known for embodying the music behind the decks, dancing along and attuning to the people. As a classically trained pianist he combines technical musical knowledge with a deep love for intuitive improvisation. Expect world music mixed with electronics. Tribal infused percussion, booty shaking beats, shamanic sounds drawing you deeper into the dance, soft ambient, playful acoustic or meditative esoteric sounds.

Next to DJing, Sefrijn played over 100 mantra circles with Cosmic Circle, organises ecstatic dance events, facilitated mindfulness retreats with Wake Up & Plum Village and creates websites and apps for a more beautiful world at How About Yes. Grateful to be a father of a daughter and son.

in the moment

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Oh, the places you'll go!


ED Antwerpen (BE) ED Devotion (BE) ED Piritaklooster Tallinn (EE) ED Gent (BE) ED Hamburg (DE) ED Hannover (DE) ED Helsinki (FI) ED Köln (DE) ED Leuven (BE) ED Luxembourg (L) ED Paris (FR) ED Turnhout (BE) ED Zurich (S) Inbodiment (BE) Nibana Festival (FR) Sadhaka (FR) Shakti Conscious Clubbing (BE) The Bridge, Stockholm (SE)


Aliveness Tantra Retreat Conscious Camping Ecstatic Dance Festival Holland Ecstatica Retreat Freedive Festival Freshtival Green Vibrations Gogbot Het Grote Fijne Tantra Festival Amsterdam Play Festival Stukafest


Centrum voor Happiness
ED Alkmaar
ED Amsterdam
ED Avani
ED Den Haag
ED Den Bosch
ED Devalounge Breda
ED Eindhoven
ED Gathering
ED Groningen
ED Leiden
ED Limburg
ED Maastricht
ED Nijmegen
ED Rotterdam
ED Twente
ED Uelenspieghel
ED Universe
ED Zutphen
ED Zwolle
Odessa Amsterdam
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